Here's your chance to take out all your commuter-rail frustrations

Old MBTA locomotive ready for destruction

You could go loco (within limits) on this diesel.

The T is auctioning off two old locomotives for demolition. And with a current minimum bid of just $26, it's even pretty affordable - especially since the T's already drained all the diesel fuel and other messy fluids.

At 130,000 pounds each, that's a lot of sledgehammering opportunities. Of course, there are a few catches:

To start, you'll have to prove you have experience scrapping locomotives in place - and that includes showing you have liability insurance for the work. And when you've gotten all your aggression out, you'll have to clean up after yourself and cart away all 260,000 pounds of the remains - taking care to not damage any of the still functioning rolling stock at the maintenance yard where the dead locos are stored.

At the link above, click on the arrows on the photo for lots of photos of the exterior and interior of one of the diesels. One of the doomed engines in action in 2014.

Via state-bid reading Mike Deehan.


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I have a fantasy that those old locos will be set upon by CR riders like the printer/fax machine was in Office Space.

Back up in your ass with the resurrection!

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Missed opportunity

Can you imagine how much money the MBTA would rake in if they just opened this up to the public @ $1 a whack?

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No doubt

Even if one or two clowns hurt themselves, the cash flow would be tremendous. $1/whack, $10 for a dozen.

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Spare Parts

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Shouldn't Keolis save these locomotives for spare parts?

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Many parts have been removed

The auction listing says that many of the useful parts have already been taken out:

Main engine, generator, air compressors and fans have been removed.

Locomotive trucks are NOT included in the sale and cannot be damaged during the
scrapping process.

Any ACSES or cab signal equipment will be removed prior to scrapping.

All horns, bells, number signs have been removed.

These locomotives are not going anywhere on their own.

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