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Hey, millennials: Sure, you brunch now, but a coming Web site pledges to help you brunch with purpose

A company called Bitches Who Brunch that makes recommendations on where to eat on the weekend in New York, Chicago and Washington has been acquired by a social-sports league in Baltimore, which plans to expand the bitchiness factor to five new cities early next year, including Boston.

Only, it won't be just recommendations on where to eat in Boston - we're promised a site that will help "social-conscious millennials brunch with purpose" because "So much discussion with friends and family happens around mealtime," plus, the company will offer volunteer opportunities to coach youth sports leagues.

Also, unlike all the other current sites that let you find a place to eat brunch, Bitches Who Brunch will offer a way to find a place to eat brunch with a champagne-flute rating system.



It's coming.

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I'll be waiting for the first time the site uses "Beantown" unironically.

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As experienced getting coffee at Sydney in Providence:


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No kale? Fookin' amateurs!

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Well beyond the age of a Millennial and I happen to love avocado toast and arugula... and kale for that matter. Get over it, haters.

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I was smashing avocado on toast when I was a young adult, and what do you think we went to that restaurant for? Iceberg and spam?

The name thing was just funny. "We Have Achieved Peak Millennial Brunch".

Millennials are just making brunch, microbrewing, vegan/veg cuisine, cycling etc. economically viable through sheer numbers where Gen Xers had to close their places to find better pay when we all had kids.

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to the brunchline!!

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I hear a new Sondheim song coming on.

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The name says it all !

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great Tony Bourdain?

Brunch is a scam, a way to serve you leftovers at a ridiculous premium, prepared and served by miserable staffers whose managers are punishing them with the most hated shift of the week.

I avoid it when I can, have been to only a handful all year, usually because it's a famous feature of some place I'm reviewing, as in my recent take on Little Dipper, fka Centre Street Cafe, in JP. Theirs is actually pretty good.

There are other exceptions, like the brunch at Juliet in Union Square Somerville, and Monday industry-oriented brunches like the one served at Trina's Starlite Lounge, which is really fun, though I don't often get Mondays off.

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and may consider paying a markup for an omelet to be a fine trade-off.

Sorry for not being on a service industry schedule, I guess?

I don't understand these "No, you shouldn't like brunch" hot takes, and I've read a few. People can like different things.

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what you like.

But as a former brunch server and bartender (and dishwasher and busboy), I can attest that Bourdain was spot-on when he noted that some restaurant kitchens use less-than-pristine ingredients at brunch, notably that Canadian bacon that only gets used on Sundays and has gone back to the walk-in every week for months. As for prices, I don't think he was saying, "Hey, this restaurant food: it's cheaper to eat at home, amiright?", rather that brunch is a particular swindle; it's hard to argue about the margin on egg plates on Sundays.

As I noted, I still grudgingly get out to brunch occasionally, but I liked it a lot more in my 20s. But even so, I favored places that served until 4pm (RIP, B-Side). Nowadays, I save my Sunday mornings for beauty rest. I don't have the day-drinking chops I used to.

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Places that I've brunched don't seem to drag out the canadian bacon only on Sunday, and a well-prepared meal is worth it to me.

That said, most "traditional" brunch items can be had in healthy amounts at the UMass Amherst dining hall (since my drop offs for my son tend to be on Sundays). Otherwise, if we do the Wildwood Barbecue Brunch buffet, there isn't much there that isn't in use the rest of the week.

You might note that Bourdain changed his tune a bit later on, when he had a kid and when places stopped serving "leftovers" and making fresh food.

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ok but sometimes you just want perfectly cooked eggs and coffee without dealing with the dishes your dumb ass left out last night while fighting a hangover now.

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Trophy Room has fun brunches every Sunday, including a drag bingo brunch the last Sunday of the month (it may be 4th Sundays, I forget). It's actually a lot of fun, and the food is really good.

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another one called Bitches Who Vote After Brunch

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