Historic African-American site on Nantucket defaced

The Inquirer and Mirror reports on the racist graffiti spray-painted on the African Meeting House on Nantucket - a historic building owned by Boston's Museum of African-American History.

Volunteers quickly washed and sanded the graffiti off this morning. Photo of the building before they did.


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Perhaps the racist missed the irony of painting "Leave..." on building which is historical specifically because it was used by black residents in the 1800s. (As in, about 170 years before this dipshit moved there with mommy and daddy.)

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With education comes dignity.

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With education comes dignity. And this is an example of the opposite. How passe.

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Winter Time

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Look at the stats for various problems in winter time on these islands.

Education? no.

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A) It's a place that is familiar to many Bostonians.
B) The site is owned by a Boston institution.

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Got a problem with it?

Racism is so abundant in this state, it must be a constant struggle for our humble webmaster to

A: keep up
B: pick and choose which one stories to cover.

This one is perfect. It rankles up the liberals here who can't stand the racism in lily white Nantucket and it rankles up the racists for Gaffin having the temerity to report it.

Now drop and give me fifty. Comments that is.

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The summer people are lily

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The summer people are lily white. The actual people who have lived there for a while are quite diverse and have been for some time. Being a major whaling port and attracting sailors from around the world helped. Then tourism took over and a large wave of Caribbean workers have been placing roots, now it’s Eastern Europeans. I’d say Nantucket is far more integrated than most of Mass. Living on an island where everyone has to depend on each other changes the dynamic.

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Nantuckets Schools are 50% minority

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Nantucket public schools are 30% Latino and 10% black. It'is literally more diverse than MA as a whole..

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The actual people who have lived there for a while are quite diverse and have been for some time.

2010 Census: 87.6% white, 6.8% black or African American, 1.2% Asian, 0.1% American Indian, 2.6% from other races, and 1.8% from two or more races.

Nantucket is clearly Hillary country. No wonder they want certain people to leave.

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From the article

No one knows exactly how many immigrants live on Nantucket year round. ... There is also no count of how many immigrants are living on the island without authorization.

Yeah, I'll hop right on that research.

On the bright side, no one in Hillary's Nantucket is grafitto tagging for immigrants to get out.

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You know what?

That is vastly more diverse than Wilmington or other aggressively whitopian communities inland in MA.

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I drove a limo in this town for thirty years. Guess how many people of color I brought to the Ferry?

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Skewed sample

When I want to get to Nantucket, I don't take a limo. I take my bike on the train.

Many people drive their own cars or take the bus.

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That's great, Swirl.

Can you peer into your magic ball of statistics and tell me the income averages of POC on Nantucket? The breakdown of ridership statistics on the ferries by race? And I'll go out on a limb and say that the chauffeured Lincoln Town Car was never a choice for you in terms of conveyance.

My comment was one denoting the fact that while I have serviced many high worth people of color over the course of my career, very few of them went to Nantucket. They tended to like the Vineyard and all that guilt a little better.

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Those are public data sets

Nantucket is a little tricky when it comes to some stats due to the 10,000 person population, though. Some numbers are suppressed in standard data releases.

Again, I doubt that more than 5% of ferry patrons take limos, and that would skew your perceptions of race and age.

You can look them up yourself, but that probably wouldn't satisfy you. Perhaps this convenient combo and a handful of tissues might be more effective:

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Well done, Swirl!!

Glad to see that you have entered the world of using memes and stock photos to both admit you have no other retort and issuing a not so subtle subliminal message about the connubial state of your marriage.

Talk to me about Viagra use next time you're going through hubby's browser history.

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Just curious.

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If you so despise UHub and what Adam chooses to post then why do you comment here several times daily? This is a single person's local news blog, not the Boston Globe or Boston Herald. Start your own local news blog if you are so offended by a rare post about Nantucket.

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I’ve a question for you

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Do you also gripe when Adam posts SJC decisions about cases from the Springfield area or, heck, the story yesterday about the UMass Amherst student? Or are you selective with this and only gripe when certain kinds of stories are posted here?

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