Hot dog

Maggie the hot dog

Sarah Connors reports:

To the ladies in an SUV who just stopped on Summer St. in Somerville to help out a person carrying this large dog in 90 degree heat because she decided to just give up walking halfway home? You're my and Maggie's hero, thank you x1000 for the ride.

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Glad you got help !

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My dog looks just like yours and I can totally see her saying "I am done".

Glad you got help!

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I'm thinking that you're

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I'm thinking that you're mistaking Somerville Ave for Summer Street. The former is a currently being gentrified hipster highway, the latter is collateral damage a block or so //.

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I have a similar large, white animal named Maggie who is a cat, who kind of likes to be picked up near home and dumped on the front porch.

If I ever saw your Maggie, I'd gladly pay things back. This is rough weather right now.

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