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House catches on fire in West Roxbury; residents were away

House on fire on Perham Street, West Roxbury

The Boston Fire Department reports firefighters responded to 4 Perham St. in West Roxbury around 450 p.m. for a fire that did an estimated $200,000 in damage.

The department reports the home's residents were away today. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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Knowing someone in that general area, I decided to google the address.
Strange that when I went to the street-view, however, I couldn't spot the same house as from the BPD pictures.

Maybe someone will have more luck than I did, but it appears to me that the #4 Perham St. of the report and the #4 Perham St. of Google maps don't match.

Anyone else care to verify this too?

Just curious.

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For a number of years, Google Maps showed my house about 400 yards from its actual location. The current street view is years old ( contractors' trucks in the drive from a very old project)., whatever the date on the screen.

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Judging from the satellite view, the house behind 4 Perham does look like the one in the BFD photos. Checking the Boston assessors, the address of the house that burned is 2 R Perham St.

Feel sorry for those who live there especially since this happened on Christmas.

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Thanks for the better 'picture'.

From this added information, I certainly can better appreciate how the Fire Dept. was able to reach the house.

Looks like a tight squeeze and the accessibility to the water hydrants must not have been easy.

Feel bad for the neighborhood as well.

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