Hyde Park woman's romper is gone with the wind; she'd like it back

Priscilla Guerrero seeks some Hyde help finding her new romper:

On 6/17 I put it out to dry on my porch. The weather app indicated 93F. The strong winds blew my romper away.

It is now missing somewhere in the mean streets of Hyde Park. Blk/Blue, sz small. Reward TBD.




Miss Jean

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I don't know who this Miss Nancy impostor is, but those of us boomers who grew up in Boston in the 60s have fond memories of Jean Harrington, the legendary "Miss Jean".

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Miss Nancy is not an imposter...

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She was the original host of the Romper Room TV show from Baltimore, which is where the show actually started.

There were localized versions of Romper Room throughout the U.S. cities and Boston's version had Miss Jean.

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Franchised and Syndicated

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Those of us who grew up in the syndicated cities got Miss Nancy. Others got Miss Jean, Miss Demeanor, Miss Fire, etc. ...

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Must be like "world famous" on a roast beef place you never heard of until you drove through Danvers or Woburn.

What happened in Boston was only in Boston - not national, not common.

BTW - they are green onions and you put them in a shopping cart with the pop.

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Sorry didnt find a blue/black

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Sorry didnt find a blue/black one. But I did find a white/gold one..

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Fashion police report

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No one over the age of 8 should wear a romper. I took it and shredded it. You're welcome.

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