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If you log in, you won't be redirected to the home page for a bit

UPDATE: Both problems now fixed!

If you have a UHub account and you've ever forgotten your password, you've run into the problem of not being able to actually recover your password. I finally fixed that (yay), but in so doing, had to turn off a function that, when you do log in, would send you to the home page instead of to your user-profile page (boo). I'll try to fix that without breaking the password-recovery system again, but in the meantime, my apologies to anybody who doesn't want to be plopped on their user-profile page (which I estimate is roughly 100% of everybody).

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It's just one extra click (if you just click on the logo, it sends you back to the main page)

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Yeah, not exactly the world's greatest problem, but a small annoyance. By default, Drupal sends you to your user page after you log in. There's a "rules" module that lets you change that, but now I have to figure out how to make a rule that says "After somebody logs in, send them to the home page UNLESS they're coming in via a temporary password-recovery log in, in which case, send them to the password-recovery page." I'm sure somebody's already solved that, so now I have to squint and use some Google-fu and find the solution.

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Yep, Dr. Google pointed me to the fix - some simple PHP that does an if/then check on the URL the user's clicked on (the password-recovery URL has a unique string in it) and routes the user appropriately.

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I'd rather the behavior be that after logging in you are sent back to the page you were on previously.

I usually don't realize the site logged me out until I'm on the tracker page and I don't see which articles are new. After I log in, I usually have to type the URL in again because there isn't a fast way to recent posts from the front page (or I'm missing it).

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