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If you were wondering where in the Boston area you could see some snow

All throughout the winter, the Street (you know, the lower Chestnut Hill Mall) loaded every last bit of snow in a single pile on the Hammond Pond Parkway side, almost as if they were trying to see just how high they could pile snow (answer: High enough that they probably should have installed warning lights for incoming aircraft). Gary Chase shows us this morning (with a closeup if you don't believe him), that some of the snow from that Mount Snowmore is still there.

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at how much crap gets captured in the plow piles.I guess it's just a micro scale of what happens with glaciers. Except glaciers don't capture parking space savers.

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It's like urban glacial till.

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That snow/ice could potentially last until the next winter.

That's literally how an ice house used to operate before the advent of fridges/freezers. There's enough debris on top to potentially insulate some long term ice savings.

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"You want some snow, man?"

(pulls cord)

Robert Frost: "We discussed this, and I said no."

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