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If you're talking to someone who makes you so mad you want to bang your head against something, don't do it if you're on the Red Line


Transit Police report arresting a Quincy man they say told officers he got so mad at somebody he was talking to on the phone that he head butted a window of the Red Line train he was on, cracking it and leaving officers no choice but to arrest him on a charge of malicious destruction of property. Screaming at fellow passengers did not help his case, police add.

Police say Daniel Simmons, 25, of Quincy, was on a Red Line train at Andrew Square around 8 a.m. on Thursday when whoever was on the other end of his phone conversation angered him enough to use his head to smash into the window.

Police say that by the time they arrived, Simmons's head was clear enough to threaten other passengers not to tell police he was responsible for the spider-web crack that spread across the window.

Innocent, etc.

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Being that angry with a person with whom you're on a telephone call basis? Minimize involuntary engagement, y'all.

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Never mind that. Can you imagine if a gun was in this guy's hand?

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I can absofrigginlutely imagine such a thing.

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Although this is not a scientific study, it seems to me that a large amount of people's cell phone conversations that I hear in public places are angry calls in one way or another. Has anybody else noticed this? Maybe it's because people's voices tend to be raised on such calls, making them easier to hear. But there do seem to be an awful lot of them.

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He should have kept his mouth shut and argued that the cracks were there already and see if anyone could prove they weren't.

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Anxiety/anger from phone plans can be mitigated...

Community Phone
>"Other phone companies sell your data to advertisers. We don't."

How do you pronounce the name of the 1780-1867 French Neoclassical painter?... Ingres

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