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Infant in Revere crash has died

The Suffolk County District Attorney's office has announced the death of two-month-old Natasha Nicole Mejia-Rivera from injuries she suffered in that Revere crash that also killed her sister, Adrianna, 5.

The alleged driver who slammed into two adults and three children standing at an intersection, Autumn Harris of Beacon Hill, had bail set at $10,000 on charges of motor vehicle homicide and negligent operation of a motor vehicle at her arraignment Monday, but she is likely to face additional charges, Suffolk County District Attorney John Pappas said, adding, "Our priority right now is supporting a family who lost the center of their world in the blink of an eye."

GoFundMe page for the family.

Innocent, etc.



I feel so bad for the family, what a tragedy

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Unbelievably heartbreaking.

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This makes me so angry I could scream. This woman had multiple drunk driving arrests on her record. She should never have been allowed behind the wheel again. Disgusting.

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