Informant who helped bring down local MS-13 gangs was running his own criminal side gig

The Globe tells the tale of a Salvadoran who helped local police and the feds take down the murderers and drug dealers of the local MS-13 groups in exchange for bringing up 17 members of his family from El Salvador and putting them in the witness-protection program. But while he was driving a fake cab and eliciting confessions, he was running his own robbery ring, the Globe reports.

Among the guys he allegedly helped catch was a guy named Scooby from whom he bought a gun.

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Best journalism the Globe has done in Memory

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Read it end to end.

Wow. So this is what its like to have grownups working a piece of journalism!

Thanks to Murphy and Cramer. Best thing I’ve read in the Globe since the Spotlight series on Geoghan, Law, et al. Tight, meaningful to people who live here, and free of editorial bullshit.

Keep this stuff coming.

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More Globe stuff

2 additional important pieces from the past week:

Andrea Estes' report on the extensive arrest record of former commuter rail engineer, the son of the Chief Judge of Boston's Municipal Court.

Shelley Murphy on how the local ATF bureau mishandled sexual harassment cases.

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That's the first thing that

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That's the first thing that came to my mind when I read it. Hollywood material.

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Mastah of Disguise

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Whitey must have learned some Español out in Cali, came back, and veiled himself as an M13 member. Genius!

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