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It begins

Oak tree falls on SUV in Malden

By 7 a.m., Snoe reports, several trees had fallen in the area of the Oak Grove Orange Line station, including one that came down on an SUV.

DCR announced it was closing Morrissey Boulevard between Freeport Street and UMass Boston and Day Boulevard in South Boston at 9 a.m. Quincy Shore Drive was also scheduled to be shut then. Waterfront parkways in other communities will likely also be closed as conditions deteriorate, DCR said.

TrueNE_79 reports from the Seaport:

There’s a good amount of flooding on the roadways and around sewer drains. I walked to work (down in Seaport) and the wind gusts are just insane.


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The Gloucester residents should remember NOT to park their cars near the canals this time around.

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I left Oak Grove around 8:15 and they just finished clearing the tree away.

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