It's a tight squeeze on the Green Line tracks; at least there's no third rail to worry about

Green Line at a halt; it's all the wires' fault .



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Shut Your Phone Off?

Really? Did you politely respond with GFY?

Get the wires fixed reflecto vest boy and leave the misplaced concern about phone use alone.

The misplaced arrogance and ignorance of adults behaving towards other adults in the form of assumed authority never ceases to amaze me.

Safety is a concern yes, but I guess we don't want any pictures of a 106 year old tunnel to get out into the public domain.



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Perhaps the T employee wanted the patron to focus on walking/not falling down in that dark area instead of looking on the phone.


The tunnel between stations is normally

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considered a restricted area. So photography in the tunnels does not fall under the rights and protections photographers may have in a station or on a public street.

Plus, people were trying to EVACUATE. If I was in that situation and being slowed down by someone who considers getting themselves on Twitter or Facebook more important than getting out of there as quickly as possible, I'd probably be telling him to shut the phone off as well.


You should see me raising my hand a la Arnold Horshack right now.


I'm guessing it wouldn't be

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I'm guessing it wouldn't be during an evacuation scenario, while they're late for work... while being told "NO PICTURES!"



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I was "lucky" enough to have this occur to me once, and got to walk the tunnel from halfway between Hynnes and Copley, to Copley. It was quite fun, although I was late to work.


It's happened to me twice.

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Once in 1982 and once last November. By pure coincidence, both times were just outside of Park Street westbound, and both times were due to a derailment.

Were any of those unfortunate souls

one of the many Mayors who came here to listen to that moronic bagman lie to them about Boston being a harmonious world class city? Again?

Maybe one of them was that woman who asked Da Mayah why he won't pledge to not take money from the fossil fuel industry on video and that idiot stammering his usual bullshit answers about getting back to them and having to do more research or whatever lie comes out of his besotted brain.

Meanwhile, the best and brightest above the subterranean nightmare that is the T smiles and cheerfully wishes that Newbury Street was closed to traffic and that sky gondolas are desperately needed in the fucking Seaport.


Brian - Misplaced Anger

Last time I checked, Marty Walsh was Mayor of Boston.

The MBTA is a State agency. The person in charge of the State is Charlie Baker. The President of the Senate is somebody who I cannot remember now that the "Firewall" surrounding Stan Rosenberg collapsed, and the person in charge of the House is Bob DeLeo. These are the people who control the financial operations of the regional transit agency.

I know you hate Mayor Walsh a lot, but your anger should be directed at the head of the agency that actually is in charge of the T and those who control its funding.

So many people tweet Mayor Walsh when there are problems with the T, Storrow Drive, Castle Island, etc. I am sure people blame Mayor Walsh for problems at Revere Beach. He has no power over these places and operations other than the power of persuasion. Would you and others out there please understand a few basic aspects of civics and the division of State and Local Authorities? Thanks.


Again, John...

Where is the majority of the criminally neglected and often dangerous T service? Who has the loudest voice in the room on issues regarding citizens under his watch being forced to walk through rat infested tunnels to safety only to be told to shut off their phone by a no doubt lifer T employee that Bobby DeLeo probably got the job for or maybe it was our old pal who used to say, "It's Traaav" when he would call to tell you that you were all set at the T for work or when your shop steward caught you doing too much blow...

So spare me the civics lesson, willya?

Don't mind Brian

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He's a bitter former Bostonian.

On a broader theme, people to realize that all rail systems with catenary have things like this happen from time to time, right? It sucks that it happened during rush hour, and I hope that per a suggestion by Ari O that the T is going to ask the questions "why did this happen?" and "how can we prevent this from happening again?"

And what is your

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"current geographical situation"? Some place where one can complain to the proper level of government and still be a constituent. So again, why no griping about the level of government that runs the T?

I just did

Or maybe you missed the part about Bob Travaglini and Bobby DeLeo in your obsession with where I live?

Guess what?

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He probably lives closer to this T mess than you do.

From time to time?

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How about things happening on a fairly regular schedule, from either minor all the way up to major?


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Would have made excellent employees on the Titanic. They would be telling passengers not to sit on the deck chairs as the vessel was sinking.

There is no cheap (both in

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There is no cheap (both in terms of money and political capital) way to fix a century old transit system that is operating far above its intended capacity.

It's not unrealistic to say that the green line will never get better.


The City isn't in charge of the T, BUT

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The Mayor SHOULD publicly and loudly use his bully pulpit to advocate for better investment, just as he's intervened to help create bus express lanes in Roslindale.