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Jamaica Plain restaurant to hold liquid benefit for Lawrence victims

The Frogmore on Centre Street in Jamaica Plain will donate all the proceeds from drink sales on Sept. 19 to groups aiding victims of the Lawrence-are gas-main disaster. They'll be offering free food to help get you thirsty.

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And they make awesome cocktails!

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...you can get more money to those affected by donating directly to local charities who are working in the community:

Bread and Roses Lawrence
Greater Lawrence Community Action Council
Lawrence Emergency Fund
Andover Community Trust
Lazarus House Lawrence
Greater Lawrence Relief Fund

Your money will go further than if you donate to (for example) the Red Cross.

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I personally agree, but these benefits are a great way to get money out of people who might not give a straight up donation - and they also get people to give donations by raising awareness of the needs.

The family of on of the longtime employees of Trina's Starlight Lounge was wiped out - house destroyed, person with stage IV cancer forced into hospice. They are doing both benefits and a gofundme for this extremely impacted family.

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