Jay just wouldn't shut up

Bluejays in Roslindale

In our Roslindale backyard this morning (at one point, there were four of them, all pretty quiet, actually).



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They're bitching at the ump for not giving them the inside of the plate.


beware the blue jays

Early last month, a grackle dive-bombed my living room window, screaming its head off, because one of my cats was lying in it. (The window was open, the screen was not). This has never happened before.

Two weeks later, a blue jay dive-bombed my office window, screaming its head off, because the other cat was lying in it. I guess the grackles talk to the blue jays. And now the first cat wants nothing to do with blue jays, probably because the screaming hurts her ears.



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Blue Jays > Cat.

A mockingbird dive bombed me yesterday

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I was taking a walk in the Fenway Rose Garden, walking underneath an archway covered with roses when a mockingbird attacked me from behind, swiping the back of my head. At first I didn't know what happened but a couple of seconds later it happened again. I got the hell out of the garden quickly while waving my arms wildly in the air to ward off another attack.


Shitlist Grand Award

No creatures on this planet do shitlist like Blue Jays.


You get on one jay's shitlist, you get on the entire mob's shitlist, and there will be no respite for weeks afterward.

Best to stay on their good side.


Fledgling on the right, adult on the left

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This is fledgling season for birds around here following nesting season in May and June. A lot of the birds you'll see in the area now have just emerged from the nest and are still under parental care. Notice the one on the right has some gray on the head and lacks a full crest like the adult on the left. The adult is presenting a throat pouch likely full of delicious bugs for the youngster's dining pleasure. Just fledged birds are very vulnerable to predators so the normally raucous adults keep things on the down low to avoid drawing attention to their young.


The Mourning Doves Have Been Awfully Mouthy Lately

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You would think that cooing would be a welcome alternative to the jays screeching or the mockingbirds psycho-babble. But the waaaay too early repetitive cooing of the doves lately has taken some of that charm off. A screech every now and then might be a welcome disrupter.

Hopefully the bird isn't

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Hopefully the bird isn't still on the ground. If so, it doesn't look good. Get the cat and put it out of its misery.

A blue (jay) conversation

"You got the sinkers (donuts) and beer, eh?"

"No...There were a bunch of hosers (idiots) in front of the liquor store babbling about taking back the land from its human occupiers and demanding tribute in bagels."



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It's their eyes....