Jerk pushes over large menorah on Cambridge Common; bystanders put it back



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Thank you to those that stopped and helped to fix the Menorah.


Yeah, that's clearly the

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Yeah, that's clearly the issue here. It's not the antisemitism, the public vandalism, or the attempted destruction of property. It's the design of the menorah. If they had just designed a more curvy menorah, this would never have happened.


The first thing I noticed ....

... was that the wrong lamps are lit. Should be the middle and rightmost (or leftmost, depending on how you're facing) ones for the first night. Maybe after it came down but before it was put back up, someone fiddled with the light bulbs?


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When it got pushed over, the bulbs got knocked about so the right ones went out, and a couple random ones got lit. I doubt they were the wrong ones initially.

It's basic fire safety, everyone

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Flags should be constructed from fire resistant material.

Menorahs should be designed with a low center of gravity. If they topple over, that's a fire hazard.

Hooray for bystanders who don't stand by

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It should be obvious by now that it's easier to wreck than it is to make or mend. That's why, for every wrecker, we need a hundred makers and menders. Thanks to those who light a light and lend a hand.


One always has the choice...

... to walk past the toppled menorah and spend the rest of the day feeling bad about the people who knocked it over, or
to help right it and spend the rest of the day feeling good about yourself...


It was a little heartwarming to see the bystanders who picked it up were about as diverse as could be too. A small moment of the community coming together to right a wrong.



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It's not so good that my eyes saw

Cambridge - man on bike - pushed over menorah with intent

and my head quickly went to "false flag attack by exurban own-the-libs-fool". Probably should have gone to "young drunken idiot", but that's how it goes these days.

Sigh. Hopefully more winter time in the mountains helps.

Idiots are idiots

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And that come in all shapes and sizes, by all sorts of means of transportation, in all communities.

It was a shit move by the guy, but a lot more people tried to make things better. The one asshole dampers things, but let's remember that there is more good than bad in the world.


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You need to reread it. Free exercise of religion is for your own front lawn. Public property has a lot of rules that come with it, including bans on religious displays because of the establishment clause (not related to Santa).

Where I grew up, these things were absolutely restricted to private land, no exceptions. That's because there were a lot more denominations, not Catholic rule.

Lawns aren't mentioned in the First Amendment

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But feel free to re-read it yourself.

The City doesn't own the menorah (or the creche.) A private group putting it up is as much an establishment as allowing white supremacists to have a rally on Boston Common is declaring that Boston is pro-white supremacy.

Like Roadman said, you need to read up on the law

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First Amendment case law is pretty clear: Public "forums," such as, oh, a city common are an all or nothing thing: If a city allows one religious group the opportunity to express its beliefs on the Common, it has to give the same opportunity to other religions; conversely, a city has the right to bar all religious expressions on a city common. But it can't pick and choose: It's OK for Boston to allow a creche on Boston Common as long as they also allow a menorah; it's OK for the Florida legislature to allow a nativity scene, they have to allow a Festivus pole.

Why, there was a case on just this question right here in Boston a few months ago, involving City Hall Plaza and the flagpoles over it. I attached the judge's ruling to that story, should you want to dive in.

Bring on the drawing of the

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Bring on the drawing of the Founding Fathers and Statue of Liberty worshipping a just-born Bill of Rights. And the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

Personally, I feel it secularizes holidays when the government gets involved. If you want to keep Christmas religious, keep it in the church and your house, and as your legislators to remove it from the list of Federal holidays.

Boston's Iwo Jima moment!

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A still from the video at the point the menorah is going up with several people raising it would do the trick.