JP man starts small repair project at Jamaica Pond

Legos at Jamaica Pond

Steve Garfield's started fixing a wall at the gazebo at the Jamaica Pond boathouse and hopes the community joins in to finish the work.

Compare to Nate Swain's Lego wall on Congress Street back in 2015.


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Is this a BYO Lego situation?

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Great idea. I"d like to see

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Great idea. I"d like to see Lego Tiny Houses for the JP homeless who don't get to the Shattuck in time for the bed lottery every night so they get kicked back out on the streets of JP. Then they have to schlepp to Pine Street with all their stuff. Some of them have to scramble again for T money. Any artists in JP who REALLY want to make a difference ? It's better than waiting for the politicians and other housing powers that be get real results done fast. No waiting for housing vouchers, etc. Build them right in the woods along the Pond. Oh wait. We can't. The so called Progressives won"t have it in their Covenant Protected back yards.

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go build some

Nobody is stopping you.

But whatabout the starving kids in Somalia? How can you eat when there are starving kids in Somalia?

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