In West Roxbury, kid learns first hand why you shouldn't hang out on a train bridge

Cops looking for kid

Cops walking through park to the river. Photo by Mary Ellen.

First responders, including a Boston Fire dive team, rushed to the Charles River near Millennium Park in West Roxbury this evening after a conductor on a Needham Line commuter-rail train reported seeing a kid jump off the bridge that crosses the river there as the train approached.

Boston firefighters and police at first searched the river itself, because the conductor said he did not see the kid, about 15 and wearing a red T-shirt, surface from the water.

But then a couple of firefighters found the kid, OK, on the riverbank near the businesses along Rivermoor Street. Turned out when he jumped from the bridge - a popular place for some teens to hang out on - he landed on the riverbank, not in the river, which is why the conductor didn't see him bob up.

No word if the firefighters gave him a stern lecture.



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Lucky kid

He got a chance to learn that lesson the hard way.

Many people don't get that chance.

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But I think it's more likely that he just went to the top of the Thrillmaster rankings. There's a lot of teen prestige in challenging death and surviving.

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That would be a cool spot for a pedestrian bridge

To access the greater part of Cutler park from the Millennium side of things. You'd have to build an additional walkway out into the marshes I think to join up with what is there though so probably cost prohibitive.

Then again, what is more badly needed is a ped/bike bridge over the Charles on Nahanton St because that is currently very sketchy and a bad point on a otherwise fun loop.

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You mean, other than the sidewalk that's already there?

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Sure, it's dirt on either side of the bridge, but anyone who's allergic to that has no need of a new bridge to complete the loop you speak of.... which is mostly dirt.

Also, not really that sketchy? Narrow maybe, but come on, it's the Needham/Newton line. Let's save "sketchy" for something actually sketchy, like, (insert neighborhood here).

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Did you notice how that sidewalk ends in a dirt patch which is maybe 2' wide between the guardrail and the very busy road with many fast cars?

Sketchy not meaning getting mugged but sketchy meaning riding a bike through weeds in a space shared with runners, not wide enough for either next to whizzing cars.

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