Little changes at the Pit Stop, and that's a good thing

The Dorchester Reporter surveys the scene at the Pit Stop, the barbecue place on Morton Street in Mattapan.



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I love this place. Haven't been in years, though - I'll have to make a point of it this spring.

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Thank GOD!

If this place or the Galleria Umberto ever close, it's off to the West Coast for me.

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Do they store their famous

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Do they store their famous BBQ sauce inside those Ken's BBQ sauce containers?

""The Pit" BBQ Sauce
Our own, World Famous BBQ sauce made with a secret blend of spices and special ingredients, creating a magnificent blend of sweet, tangy, and spiciness that you not soon forget! The one thing about our sauce that our customers will not allow is.....NOT HAVING ENOUGH!"

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