A little truck-on-truck action jams roads near South Station

Truck hits truck in downtown Boston

Matthew McClocksey caught the action up from the O'Neill Tunnel southbound at South Station around 9:30 a.m.

Jack Sullivan also grabbed a photo.



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That's a gem of an

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That's a gem of an intersection. A lot of traffic exiting the highway (the next exit is all the way at Mass Ave) has to share traffic light time with traffic on the Greenway and Summer Street cross traffic. Mixing with the sea of pedestrians heading from South Station to the Financial District. When I cross there, I'm always afraid of someone flying off the highway running the light.

Is this really the best design they could come up with? Couldn't they have kept highway traffic away from that spot?

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There's actually another exit

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There's actually another exit that dumps you onto Albany St just south of Kneeland St. It shares the same exit tunnel as the I-90 W exit, but you bear left instead of right at the end.

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SHHHHHH dont tell anyone our secret.

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Whatta ya know, there is.

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Whatta ya know, there is. There should really be a schematic map of the tunnels. It's really hard to see all the overlapping ramps on Google Maps. I also couldn't get Street View to work, so I couldn't check if the sign for the main exit mentions Albany Street or if you just have to know.

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Not usually a problem

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Not when people drive their trucks at an appropriate speed and keep their trucks in their lanes (and, yes, that is the expectation and it is possible to do so there).

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