Local brewery releases beer for people who like to get smashed

Trillium Brewing Co. today released a beer called Storrowed.

The company says the beer, whichhas "a dank nose of sweaty pineapple, mangosteen, and stone fruit and follows with intensely juicy flavors of overripe mango, pear flesh, notes of grapefruit pith, and a background hit of raw sugar" is actually meant as a warning to people who drive trucks not to get onto Storrow Drive or Soldiers Field Road.

Be sure to heed the Low Headroom Warnings at the Storrow Drive entry points!

Now, yesterday, the company simply tweeted:

At least one credulous reporter (raises hand) took it seriously, at least for a few minutes, until the more grizzled local twitterati informed him that a) hey, dummy, those trees there have leaves and b) the photo was, in fact, 'shopped from an actual news story two years ago (see the fourth photo here).

Also, that's Soldiers Field Road, not Storrow Drive.


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Trillium doesn't have to

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Trillium doesn't have to trick anyone into free advertising. They sell all their beer as quickly as they brew it. Cans of this beer that showcases Vic Secret hops and the stupidity of Boston area drivers sold out at their Fort Point brewery today.

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At 8.4% ABV,

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crush at you own risk. (Source: have tried to consume 2 Trillium DIPAs in one session. It did not end well.)

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I can only wonder

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how to open the container on this new brew.

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