Looks like the T is sprucing up Park Street

Potted plant in Park Street station on the Red Line

Roving UHub photographer Mary Frances spotted this large potted plant on the center platform at the Park Street Red Line stop this morning.



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Speaking of potted plants

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Can a pot shop exist on the T? The concourse at Park street would be a great place to sell pot.


It requires a lot of space

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You need lots of space. You need a secure area for storage, a secured sales floor, an antechamber to confirm ID. You also need to be able to safely get product and revenue in and out of the store to the street.

None of these would stop the shop in its tracks [groan], but they'd all cause significant challenges methinks.

Can't Wait...

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Can't wait for the inevitable story about some dirt bag shoving this plant onto the tracks and ruining the morning commute for everyone.

Needs water?

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They should really put it under one of the leaks. Should flourish if it needs water



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Access to sunlight seems to have been over looked