Man, this sinks: Broken main causes Longwood sinkhole, even worse than usual traffic

BWSC crews are on site at Brookline Avenue and Francis Street, where a sinkhole has opened up, restricting Francis Street to just one lane between Binney Street and Brookline Avenue.

Brigham and Women's Hospital has sent an alert to staffers:

There is a sinkhole, caused by an underground water leak, at the corner of Brookline Avenue and Francis Street. Boston Police and Boston Water and Sewer Commission are on site. The scene is expected to remain active for most of today. Traffic on Francis Street between Binney Street and Brookline Avenue has been restricted to one lane, causing significant delays. Please plan accordingly when traveling to and from the main campus.

In addition, please be mindful that patients and families arriving for appointments today will be affected by these delays as well. Thank you, as always, for welcoming them with empathy, understanding and patience.



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Plates in the road nearby

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They have been doing some work at the corner of Brookline and Fenwood and there have been large plates on Brookline for a couple weeks. Wonder if it's related.

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