Man sought for armed holdups of Cambridge markets

Wanted man

Cambridge Police report they are looking for a guy holding up convenience stores at gunpoint in Cambridge and nearby.

Police say the man, armed with a gun, held up one store on the 1600 block of Mass. Ave. on Jan. 17 and one on the 800 block of Cambridge Street on Jan. 31. No injuries in either case, plice say, adding he's also a suspect in four convenience-store robberies in the area between Jan. 15 and Feb. 11.

Police add he is not believed to be the same person arrested for a South End robbery earlier this week - and suspected in other Cambridge robberies - because that guy used a knife, rather than a gun.

If he looks familiar, contact detectives at 617-349-9384 or the CPD tip line at 617-349-3359.



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Too bad

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his scarf's not plaid.

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Not making any assumptions

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Any assertions or assumptions however his movements appear Tactical as if he had law enforcement of military training

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