Man, they have really big heads at MIT

Big heads at MIT


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i delivered a human head to MIT once

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i worked for USPS delivering overnights/express mail when i got out of school. delivered a package to a regular stop at an MIT lab one day and THE NEXT DAY the MIT guy told me i had delivered the head. i ate lunch with it next to me in the truck. i was a little freaked out about that one.

unrelated but another time i had to deliver some bad cheese TO JULIA CHILD after they evacuated the central square post office thinking it was a gas leak, just some cheese for Ms Child, She was very amused when i told her they evacuated the PO. Late 80s


Julia’s cheese

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Are you sure the cheese was bad? Some really, really good cheeses smell really, really bad. Époisses de Bourgogne, best stuff in the world. You can get evicted for it.

Or maybe it was someone’s head. You never know. Julia had broad tastes.


These are from MIT Moving Day 2016

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A puppet expert of my acquaintance tells me that these were from the 2016 MIT Moving Day celebration in 2016. You can find a photo if you go through this MIT News slideshow: "Battle of the bobbleheads: Figures representing some of MIT’s most renowned alumni and faculty duked it out as champions of either “mens” (“mind”), the theoretical side of MIT, or “manus” (“hand”), the practical, engineering side."

And this seems to be the artist who created them: