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Mary Ann's to become Mary Jane's?

Updated with statement from new owners.

The new owners of Mary Ann's in Cleveland Circle are looking at possible turning the sticky-floored BC hangout into a marijuana dispensary, but said today the bar will continue to operate as is for now.

The agenda for tomorrow night's Brighton-Allston Improvement Association meeting includes:

1937 Beacon St - seeks to change use from Bar to a cannabis dispensary

But a spokeswoman for Greater Boston Bar Co., which bought Mary Ann's and other Boston dives earlier this year, said today:

The bar will continue to operate as-is, serving the surrounding communities and 21+ student body, while any potential development opportunities are explored.

The new ownership group is led by two of the founders of City Realty bought Mary Ann's and two other dives this past summer. At a licensing-board hearing in July, they vowed to keep the three bars running just as they had run for decades - and announced they jad hired former Jamaica Plain restaurateur Keith Harmon to run Mary Ann's.

One of the other members of the ownership group, Julius Sokol, is CEO of New England Patient Network, a non-profit which has a dispensary in Deerfield and which has sought licenses in other locations, including Ipswich and Milton.

To open a dispensary, the entity would need to appear before the City Council and get a letter of "non opposition" and then win approval of the state Cannabis Control Commission.

The BAIA meeting, which begins at 7 p.m. at the Elks Lodge, 326 Washington St. in Brighton Center, also includes a discussion of a proposed 350-unit residential building at 20 Linden St.

Via Boston Restaurant Talk.



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Headline game on point today, Adam.

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How many NIMBYS are going to complain that a dispensary is going to "ruin the neighborhood," but Mary Anne's was the perfect neighbor for decades...

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Some of us don't like the skunk spray stench.

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Well it's a good thing you won't be able to smell it. It's just a place to buy...kinda like all the liquor stores you have around you.

I hate the smell of beer...having a package store near me doesn't affect me. Just like this won't affect you.

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But they probably hated Mary Anne’s the dive bar as much as they’ll hate Mary Anne’s the marijuana shop.

I have no skin in this fight, so whatever.

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Beacon Hill Pub ----> Beacon Hill Puff?

The Tam ----> The Toke?

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No immediate plans to swap in edibles for cheap drinks.

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The bar will continue to operate as-is

Is that really a plus?

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