Massachusetts' Willie Morris said "Be a bright spot for humanity, share some love" when Aaron Schlossberg went viral

When NYC attorney Aaron Schlossberg, who appears to be somewhat of a racist rage-aholic, went viral again this month, Massachusetts-born Willie Morris, who had a run in with him two years ago, took a moment to ask people to respond with humanity, watch:


Aaron Schlossberg once called a Mass. native ‘an ugly fucking foreigner’

Maybe you read about Aaron Schlossberg, the New York lawyer whose racist rant in a Manhattan restaurant went viral this week.

In the tirade, captured by someone on a smartphone, Schlossberg angrily complained that workers at Fresh Kitchen, an eatery in midtown Manhattan, were speaking Spanish to customers. What an outrage, right?

Well, it turns out Schlossberg has a history of such behavior. In 2016, a Hyannis native named Willie Morris posted a video of Schlossberg verbally assaulting him on the street in New York, calling Morris, who was merely walking down the sidewalk with his girlfriend (now wife), “an ugly [expletive] foreigner.”

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