Mattapan Line driver charged with having friend drag him off trolley and beat him in worker's-comp fraud

At least it wasn't David S. Pumpkins: A Mattapan Line driver was indicted on insurance and worker's-comp fraud charges for a Halloween, 2016 incident in which a pal in a Michael Myers mask - and carrying a plastic pumpkin - dragged him off his trolley and beat him badly enough that he could begin to collect worker's comp, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office and Transit Police say.

Thomas Lucey, 46, of Saugus, paid the guy $2,000 for the beatdown at Cedar Grove, authorities say, acknowledging the guy did a good job - Lucey was beaten severely enough to warrant an ambulance ride to Carney Hospital.

Unfortunately for Lucey, authorities continue, his pal dropped the pumpkin as he fled the scene, leaving behind his fingerprints, which led investigators to him and a chat in which he was persuaded to finger Lucey.

In a statement, the DA's office and Transit Police say:

MBTA Transit Police responded to Cedar Grove Station on the Mattapan Trolley line shortly after midnight on Oct. 30, 2016, after a man in dark coveralls wearing a “Michael Myers” Halloween mask and carrying a plastic pumpkin boarded the trolley and allegedly attacked Lucey, the operator. Lucey reported that the assailant pulled him out of the trolley and punched him repeatedly as he lay on the ground before fleeing the area. Lucey was transported to Carney Hospital after the assault.

Responding officers collected the plastic pumpkin left behind by the alleged assailant as he fled. Fingerprints lifted from that pumpkin ultimately led to an acquaintance of Lucey who cooperated with the investigation. He made statements to Transit Police that Lucey had paid him $2,000 to take part in the planned “attack,” which was corroborated by bank records and phone records that showed communication between the two before and after the assault.

In the aftermath of the planned assault, Lucey filed paperwork to begin receiving workers’ compensation. On that paperwork, Lucey allegedly made false statements regarding the assault and signed the document under the pains and penalties of perjury. He also received long-term disability insurance, citing post-traumatic stress resulting from the incident.

Lucey, who was also charged with misleading a police investigation and perjury, is scheduled for arraignment in Suffolk Superior Court on March 20.

This is the second recent black eye Mattapan Line drivers. Another driver was fired this month for allegedly causing a December crash that injured 17 people when he allegedly used his phone to delete a social-media post.

Innocent, etc.



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He tried something new

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He should have stuck with the old, "I fell down the stairs the day that I was the only person around."

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Which mask?


Eddie: [complaining about his mask] I said Michael Myers!
JD: This *is* Mike Myers.
Bats: It should be the "Halloween" mask.
JD: This is a Halloween mask!
Bats: No, the killer dude from "Halloween".
JD: Oh, you mean Jason.
Eddie, Bats: No!

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Surrounded by Idiots

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Life is hard when you are stupid.

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This guy is an idiot. You'll

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This guy is an idiot. You'll find plenty of people willing to wear a mask and physically dominate you for free on Craig's List.

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Price for a beating has severely inflated since Scorpio paid for one in "Dirty Harry".

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Mike Meyer's assault

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Hey come on now - what about due process? Mr. Lucey is innocent till proven guilty.

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The real T mystery

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Is how many others pulled this scam. How many other employees are out on phony comp cases and retire with fake disabilities. I was told that a candidate for Governors council in the sixth district race who lost and is a clerk magistrate has a disability pension from the MBTA police. How is that possible?

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In the 1930s, mystery writers

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In the 1930s, mystery writers had their policemen telling other characters 'criminals don't leave fingerprints any more - they know better.' Obviously, they were unfamiliar with the bell curve.

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