Maybe it's the weather: Three T lines fail together

UPDATE: The T has closed Maverick and Bowdoin on the Blue Line.

The MBTA reports major delays on the Blue, Green and Orange lines due to "a power outage in the downtown area:"

Trains are standing by or moving slowly until given permission to move.

At 7:30 p.m., Phil reported:

Power just went out at Maverick station. Trains stopped and station went completely black.

At 7:52 p.m., June Politano sighed:

Orange line delayed....stuck at Tufts Med Center for 20 min now. i just wanna get home.


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Maybe a better idea

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Instead of hauling the new Orange Line car off the trucks and onto tracks that aren't going to work, maybe the trucks can just drive the cars from station to station and people can ride the T that way

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I would laugh but

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Unfortunately, this may be the future of the MBTA

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Roads and buses to the rescue!

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Buses are not dependant on electric service to operate, and don't have surge pricing.

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Electric buses do, like those

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Electric buses do, like those in Wartertown, Cambridge and South Boston Waterfront.

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