MBTA alerts blare: Track problem at Jackson Square

The MBTA reports it's replacing Orange Line trains with buses between Ruggles and Forest Hills due to a problem with the tracks at Jackson Square.



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Issues with the orange, red & green lines today. Blue line is next...

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Monkey Wrench

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Now THAT will throw a serious monkey wrench in to the evening commute!

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Currently on a Route 66 bus

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Currently on a Route 66 bus and the radio is blaring most operators assigned to 28 should report to the shuttle. Same old BS Boston's poorest neighborhoods pay the most.

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Problem solved?

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Out of curiosity, I went to the T's webpage, where of course there is no mention of this. However, in looking at mapping tools, it looks like trains are once again using that section of track.

Not the a broken track is good, but if they fixed this in a few hours, that is amazing work.

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Two things

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First, it’s “capital”. A capitol is the building where a legislative body meets.

Second, Back Bay to Forest Hills tonight was an easier commute than Forest Hills to Back Bay was for me this morning, so I think the T deserves some credit.

Rails fail. Better maintenance helps prevent accidents from happening, so I’ll take what happened today over a derailed Orange Line train.

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Read my second paragraph

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It took me about an hour to get to work yesterday, which I blame mostly on street traffic with some Orange Line strangeness. With the "track problem" it took me 45 minutes to get home.

We've been picking our kid up from daycare for about 4 years now. We budget one hour to get to him an pick him up, taking the Orange Line to Forest Hills and either going up Washington Street or Hyde Park Ave about a mile by bus (or foot.) Never been late picking him up, including February 2015.

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