MBTA blames failure of component inspected just a week ago for morning mess on the Green Line

Peter Wilson at WFXT has posted the T's explanation for the main reason the Green Line stopped running this morning (as opposed to the Blandford Street failure that only stopped the B Line): Basically, an insulator on the overhead wire failed, even though it seemed in tip-top shape when inspected a week ago.


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MassDOT leadership is 100% patronage

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Pollack + Ramirez. 0% transit experience. 100% patronage That's why things are getting worse. Remember the good old days when the Green Line would only crash during major storms? Now the Green Line crashes on beautiful days.

I love how the MBTA's full

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I love how the MBTA's full explanation (posted in reply to the tweet) is basically a springboard to touting themselves. "Here's how we fucked up - now look at how good we inspect things and stuff! And random stats on how rarely this happens! Yeah."

And no mention of the conflict-of-interest killing the system

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How did Baker let the main GLX advocate: the one who screamed that the Commonwealth has to build the GLX even if it causes state bankruptcy: become the GLX builder. Does the Lechmere Viaduct have to fall into the harbor before Baker realizes his mishap?