MBTA signals plans to improve service on Red, Orange lines in addition to new cars

Progressive Railroading reports the T has signed a $218-million contract with Barletta Heavy Division to installs new signalling equipment along the two lines and to upgrade switches on the Red Line to go along with the new cars that are supposed to be in full service by 2023.


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I’d love to disagree with you, but I need some background. Is the T running more of a deficit this FY than in the past? Or is Baker funding capital improvements from a different MassDOT budget line?

Yes and no

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It's not like they are going to close down the entire Red and Orange Lines at once. Bits and pieces, meaning in the case of the Orange Line the northside will be affected for roughly 18 months, the southside will be affected for roughly 18 months, and there will be a time the core will be affected (though my theory is that North Station to Back Bay will be done overnight.

Well see, though. As long as the product is better in the end, it will be worth it. Look at it this way, the Route 128 lane project between Route 24 and the Pike has just wrapped up. I swear that started before I was married, and we just celebrated 12 years of bliss (though not on Route 128.) I'll take 3 years over that.

That said

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If they run this the way they're running that, we'll only have closures once every few months. And come 2030 they will be all done (except for a few more things.)

Frequent weekend disruptions?

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Will they do the work at night when trains are not running? If they continue the weekend disruptions, as for the past several weeks, then it is time to put T managers into stocks on the Common.

3 hours of work a day on a major project

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Versus, say, that plus an additional 24 hours on the week-end. If they bus from 9 onwards during the week, we are getting closer to an 8 hour day each day.

I mean, if you don't want the signals upgraded in a timely manner, fine. I am okay with some busing if it means getting the work done quicker.

Also, you do know that they do other work on the line during that 3 hour period.

What about the daily

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What about the daily disruptions during the commutes to and from work due to the poor quality of tracks, signals and train cars? Isn't planned maintenance during off peak hours optimal?