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McCarthy to run for re-election as city councilor, but likely for the last time

The Dorchester Reporter interviews Tim McCarthy about his plans to run for re-election in District 5 - Hyde Park, Mattapan, Roslindale - and how, if he wins, he probably won't run again. He's already facing two opponents in the 2019 election.


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Two Consecutive Term Limit for Boston City Council !... a more open City Council.

Two Consecutive Term Limit for Cambridge City Council !... a more open City Council.

Campaigns for Cambridge City Council at http://cambridgecivic.com/?p=6383

What Campaigns for Boston City Council are active?....

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Would it really, though? I hear the rhetoric on this issue, of course, but I don't have a strong sense that the means achieve the ends.

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Plenty of councillors use the position as a stepping stone to another gig, or try for another gig, so turnover is pretty good.

Here's who was on the council in 2010:

Felix G. Arroyo
John R. Connolly
Stephen J. Murphy
Ayanna Pressley
Salvatore LaMattina
Bill Linehan
Maureen Feeney
Charles Yancey
Robert Consalvo
John M. Tobin Jr.
Chuck Turner
Michael P. Ross
Mark Ciommo

Only Ciommo is still there. Some of the ones that are gone have moved on to different offices, some lost elections (and moved to different offices), some got out of politics. This is a much better turn over rate than our local state elected officials generally although Sanchez did get turfed out finally.

Not that facts would convince the Zak that he's wrong about something.

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What other notions for a more open Boston City Council are around?... in addition to a 2 consecutive Term Limit.

• What ways might make for an ever more open Boston City Council?

• What ways might make for an ever more open Cambridge City Council?

• How does democracy actually work in the microcosm?

• Is civic engagement actually shut out?... yet pronouncing terminology, for example "civic engagement", "civic participation", "maximize opportunities for citizen input into the Council's Legislative process", page 333 at https://budget.boston.gov/img/pdfs/13-Non-Mayoral-Departments-Cabinet.pdf

Consider upcoming Redistricting... is a better online Map readily available more clearly delineating Names of Bordering Streets between adjacent neighboring Districts for folks nearby Bordering Streets?

Consider City Council Communications... are Sorted-By-Topic Roll Call Votes Data readily available online for the past year?

Consider hard of hearing folks or folks with brains that process differently... is the public funded Stenographic Record readily available? A more accurate Document for hard of hearing folks than flawed inaccurate video captions. More complete than Minutes. Is the Steno Record archived at Boston City Archives?... as it used to be during Busing. No longer! Is the Steno Record removed from City Hall contrary to State Guidelines for Municipal Records Management? Yes, contrary to Records Management Guidelines! https://www.boston.gov/departments/archives-and-records-management

"The journalistic professionalism and integrity of I. F. Stone derived from his intellectual willingness to scour and devour public documents, to bury himself in The Congressional Record, to study the transcripts of obscure congressional committee hearings, debates and reports. He prospected for news nuggets — published as boxed paragraphs in his weekly newsletter — such as contradictions in the line of official policy, examples of bureaucratic mendacity and political obscurantism. Stone especially sought evidence of the U.S. government's legalistic incursions against the civil liberties and the civil and political rights of American citizens.[11]" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I._F._Stone#Style_of_journalism

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I'll take your word salad answer to mean that you now agree that term limits aren't a useful idea for improving the performance of the city council.

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Good interview. Glad to see McCarthy has expanded his support for mixed-use housing and sees the positive changes in his district. Seems like he's grown in the job. I would like to see him proactively lead on the Sprague Street proposal in Readville now that it seems to have gone back to the drawing board. Boston needs that housing, especially the younger residents he mentions and appears to be listening to more. McCarthy is well positioned to explain this need to his Readville neighbors and how it'll positively affect their children who want to stay in the city.

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