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Menacing cloud behind Boston really 75 miles away

Weird cloud

Photographynatalia took a photo of the weird cloud, looking like it's about to smack Boston, from Winthrop.

David Bagley at WHDH, who also posted a photo of the ominous cloud, reports it was really 75 miles away, over Granby and Chicopee.

Photo copyright Photographynatalia. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

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In menacing cloud terms, at least!

The Springfield tornado and Worcester tornado went tens of miles after they touched down.

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That cloud stuck out like a sore thumb. We saw it from the water outside Newburyport and it was the only cloud in the sky. No way would I have guessed that it was as far away as Chicopee.

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Saw it in Newport, RI -- cool cloud formation.

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