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More condos proposed for hot Allston/Brighton development corridor

Proposed Penniman Road project

Developers have filed plans for a seven-story, 46-unit condo building on Penniman Road, in a corridor that runs into Brighton where hundreds of housing units are being built or planned.

Jumbo Capital Management of Quincy, owned by Jay Hirsh, Stephen Laverty, Bradford Spencer, and the Michaels Organization of Marlton, NJ, say their proposed 30 Penniman Rd. building would provide "much-needed high-quality housing."

Six of the units would be sold as affordable. And two of those would be set aside for sale specifically to artists looking for "live/work spaces" - they would have higher ceilings and "more modest finishes" and the owners would have gallery space dedicated to their work in the gallery the Michaels Organization has proposed building as part of a 262-unit complex on Rugg Road that would have eight affordable units for artists.

In addition to providing affordable housing for artists, the Proponent intends to work closely with the artists who will call 30 Penniman and 40 Rugg Road home, as well as the artist’s community as whole, to incorporate public art components throughout the development, which may include wayfinding signs, artistic bike racks, outdoor seating, and plantings and associated landscape architecture.

The proposed new Penniman building would be within walking distance of the Boston Landing commuter-rail stop, which New Balance paid for as part of its massive development along Guest Street, and the Stop & Shop site, where the supermarket chain has proposed 1,000 residential units.

The building would have a 40-space garage.

30 Penniman Rd. small-project review application (28M PDF).
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I have mixed feelings on this. Yeah, we need more housing, but there are a number of small businesses in that area as well, one of which is a startup where I do side work after my day job. I really hope these new developments don't creep any further east. Otherwise, a lot of people may need to find new jobs or relocate.

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the windows line up.

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lol, I wish I could +10 your comment.
Decades from now much will be written about the surge of new development in Boston at this time... and it won't be positive. Architects and developers have a rare opportunity to do something amazing and they are failing spectacularly. What a dismal time to be an architectural designer in Boston. Such a disappointment.

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