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MS-13 member admits he helped murder a Chelsea teen found dead in East Boston; agrees to 27 1/2 years in prison

Rigoberto "Ninja" Mejia, 32, admitted today he pumped bullets into Cristofer Perez de la Cruz, 16, as other MS-13 members were busy stabbing the teen.

Mejia, a Salvadoran national, was a full-fledged member, or "homeboy" of MS-13's Somerville-based Trece Locos Salvatrucha gang, when they set out to murder a member of the rival 18th Street Gang as part of an escalation in a war between the two, ordered at an MS-13 conclave in Richmond, VA the month before. The man who ordered the murders of 18th Street Gang members pleaded guilty last month.

Perez de la Cruz's body, missing a hand, was found dumped on Falcon Street on Jan. 10, 2016.

Nine days later, federal and local authorities announced a series of raids that ultimately resulted in 61 arrests of alleged Boston-area MS-13 members.

As part of a plea deal, Mejia agreed to a sentence of 330 months - 27 1/2 years. U.S. District Court Judge F. Dennis Saylor, who can accept or reject the proposed term, set sentencing for July 24.

Mejia is the 44th MS-13 member to either plead or be found guilty following the arrests.

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"Un-accompanied minors" victimizing genuine ones having fled the same gang violence at home.

Replay of the early 20th century Mafia all over again.

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To qualify for DACA, one needs to prove good standing w/r/t law enforcement and criminal behavior.

But you don't care about that. You just like to think you're owning the libs with your insightful repartee.

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It's a sincere expression of how he feels about immigrants. Dream Act / DACA was laser-targeted at the absolute most sympathetic cases: people brought here as children, graduated or currently in high school, no criminal record or gang affiliation, etc.

This didn't work out politically because people like Fish don't actually care about any of that. They don't even care about what they claim to care about ("breaking the law!"), because Dreamers didn't make a choice to enter the country illegally.

To them, if you're a dark-skinned immigrant from a poor country, you have no value as a human, and your interests count for nothing. End of story.

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To them, if you're a dark-skinned immigrant from a poor country, you have no value as a human, and your interests count for nothing. End of story.

It's only the end of the story if in real life dark skin = illegal immigrant. Then I could see how you'd jump from opposition to illegal immigration being identical to opposition to dark-skinned people. And since we all know racism is wrong, then opposition to illegal immigration must also be wrong! Aristotle himself couldn't have done better!

But that says more about your wiring than anyone else's.

What we've got here is a failure of imagination. If you were to make an effort to think, you'd end up entertaining the possibility that there are people out there who do believe in the rule of law and do want to live in a color-blind society, and if many (but not all) illegals are dark-skinned people from poor countries, it doesn't matter because the thing that matters is the law and the rule of law, not the racial makeup of the rest of the world.

And you'd even entertain the notion that people who earnestly, honestly, sincerely believe those things could even live in Massachusetts and frequent uhub.

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Like the executive not grabbing authority not delegated to the executive?

Like the same free speech protections applying to everyone?

That LOL?

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I usually just grab authority by the pussy like the current executive.

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It is rather cute, after all.

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Are not special.

You are merely lucky.

Nothing about you is any better than any dreamer. In fact, many are far better Americans with a much better understanding of what it means to be an American than you will ever be.

Count your blessings, but don't make too much noise or maybe your luck will run out.

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I'm not special. We all got in line and waited our turn like normal people. We didn't assume we were special so the rules didn't apply to us.

Then again, maybe I am special. I'm the one being threatened by anons on the internet to not make noise. They don't do that to everyone. They save that for special people.

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You were carried here by parents, just the same.

You are lucky. You push your luck with your hatemongering. The people you truck with don't want to hear how much you like how they think - they want to throw you out, too.

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I have to learn things the old-fashioned way, by talking to people and getting to know them. But hey...if you're so damn sure many of my friends whom I've known for ages, many who themselves are immigrants or children of immigrants, secretly want me on the next cattle car out...I guess I have to believe you, internet anon.

And I guess I have to believe you that it's hate that's in my heart, despite all indications to the contrary bouncing around in my own brain. After all, if you can read minds, surely you can read mine better than I can.

As for luck? No more than being born with ten fingers and ten toes is luck, no more than being born now rather than at the height of the black death is luck.

Equating coming from a line of hard-working law-abiding people to luck is dishonest. Everyone stands on the shoulders of giants and no one builds all of civilization by himself. Judge people on what they do, don't tear them down for how they're born. Getting in line and waiting is a choice. Asserting you've got a right to what's over the fence that isn't yours is another choice.

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“Judge people on what they do, don't tear them down for how they're born.“

HAH aren’t you sounding awfully hypocritical?

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There are many, many people who historically didn’t wait in line. There was no waiting in line with all the mass migrations from different immigrant groups in Europe. The descendants of these same people are now preaching to others about legal immigration when there was none when their ancestors came here. To this day, there are people who can purchase citizenship for $500k. It’s all about whether or not you’re born lucky or wealthy, or not.

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people could bring their slaves with them. Then the law changed so they couldn't. Then the law changed so they had to get in line. Laws change.

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Immigration quotas are barely a hundred years old. Slavery was over and done with for fifty years before then.

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What kind of lowlife do you have to be to help murder a teenager in your 30s? I’m sorry but there are cases when the death penalty is the only suitable penalty

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