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MS-13 member admits he helped bury machete and knife used to kill teen in East Boston

Little Crazy

Jose "Little Crazy" Vasquez today pleaded guilty to a RICO charge for his role in trying to hide evidence of the murder of Cristofer Perez de la Cruz, 16, of Chelsea on Falcon Street in East Boston in January, 2016.

He faces up to 18 years in prison at his Aug. 30 sentencing, which will also cover a failed attempt with another MS-13 member to fatally stab a rival gang member in 2014.

Officials say Vasquez did not take part in Perez de la Cruz's murder - in which the teen was both shot and stabbed repeatedly for being a suspected member of the rival 18th Street Gang. But, the US Attorney's office reports:

A few days after the murder, Vasquez - who did not personally commit the murder - helped another MS-13 member hide evidence related to the murder. Specifically, Vasquez helped bury the knife and machete used in the murder, as well as bloody clothes worn by those who committed the crime. This evidence was later recovered by law enforcement.

Vasquez, 24, was the leader of MS-13's Trece Locos Salvatrucha "clique" in the Boston area. He was one of 61 people rounded up in federal and local raids in 2016, and is the 46th to either plead or be found guilty. His plea comes a week after another MS-13 member admitted he did help kill Perez de la Cruz.


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American border crosser we should be proud of.

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Where does it say anything about his immigration status? Just because someone isn't white doesn't mean they're an illegal immigrant.

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No city charges for violating the assault knife ordinance?

These creeps are big on big blades and I thought the ordinance was supposed to curtail that by giving BPD more powers to arrest for simple possession of knives over 2.5"?

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But this is all in federal court.

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But why hasn't the city been busting these guys for the low hanging fruit of knives all this time? The legal tool is there and isn't being used like the City Council promised it would back around 2000? Seems like the city is letting the feds do their job in far too many cases when it comes to combating gang violence. Why isn't the city being more proactive? Is it a money saving thing?

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I don't care who does it, so long as it gets done.

Now, can I carry a multi-tool again? I don't want the only use of that law to be against me.

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