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Nail biter

Be CC'in' ya. Spider Arms came through. Bring on Houston.

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owes everyone in town a new bottle of Pepto

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Jankees lose!!!

So says Big Papi in his post game tweet.


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Ridiculously fantastic handle. No more posts until April though, because, well, you know. The Yankees can't lose any more games until April

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Good pitching still beats the most fearsome lineup of bull-necked mashers in the post-season. Having your manager run circles around theirs doesn't hurt, either. Big moments for little guys like Brock and Christian are a nice bonus.

Houston looks tough as hell, but I still believe these Sox have a shot to make the Series. Looking forward to this weekend.

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Worth noting that both Bucky Dent and Aaron Boone were at Yankee Stadium last night.

The Joy of Sox rounds up the reactions in the New York media.

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Spike Lee took it hard, and Billy Crystal was really showing his age.

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