The new canopy at Forest Hills would've come in handy this afternoon

New canopy going in at Forest Hills MBTA station

Work's started on another permanent canopy for the upper busway at Forest Hills, this one to cover the walkway to come between the station and the new main bus area, where a much larger canopy is still under construction.



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Two months til the start of winter

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Last fall, the project managers said that last winter would be the last winter bus riders would be exposed to the elements.

All told, the project should be finished within 4 years of it beginning. And the project was tearing down a bridge and putting in a new road. Great job, guys.


Classic MBTA . Does anyone

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Classic MBTA . Does anyone know when the construction gates will be taken down which were put up the beginning of the year to block off the installation of the new walkway on the upper entrance to the station (where we used to catch the 39)? There were workers putting down cement for the walkway over the sumner but then they stopped at the end of the sumner, left behind unfinished work, and everything remains blocked off and an ugly, littered mess. We got another warehouse of over 200 units being built across the street from the unfinished, blocked off walkway. Is the MBTA waiting for all the people to move in before they finish? Anybody on the inside know the real answer? I just want to know where our money is going, that's all. I think we have that right to have REAL answers and results.

Of course they put the bus

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Of course they put the bus riders last. If you don't spoil they whiny car drivers(who are the cause of all the construction and traffic around Forest Hills) they'll throw another tantrum.


How can you blame drivers for

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How can you blame drivers for the construction? That's like blaming T passengers for the Porter Square elevator replacement taking too long.

Also the people in charge chose the option that helps drivers the least, in an attempt to make the neighborhood more walkable. (Though I think the overpass removal will have the opposite effect.)

I agree with your first line

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And honestly, since bus riders use motor vehicles (buses) for transport, I thought you didn’t like us, so thanks.

On the other hand, completing the busway in a timely manner (it was supposed to be done last winter according to the 2016 schedule) has wouldn’t inconvenience car drivers one iota. Heck, since most of the adult bus commuters who use the upper busway own cars, they’d be happy if the work was done when the T said it would get done.

But the 39 got a couple of half built shelters

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At least the 39 got some shelters. Although each has only half a bench. Appropriate considering the 39 is on of the worst lines in the T network. Rude drivers who can't pay attention to stops, drivers who yammer on with other drivers instead of actually driving, constant delays. All good reasons for avoiding the T.


All half-benched

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There are some of those half-benched bus huts over at the main busway as well. Presumably so people in wheelchairs and with strollers can get underneath too.


39 drivers

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I take the 39 up to 4x/day during the week since I get on and off the bus at the Curley with my kids (sorry for the every-morning backup there, y'all). I find the drivers generally courteous and efficient, especially given they have to deal with a lot of crap (obnoxious teens, obnoxious adults, horrible traffic, horrible other drivers). I don't understand why buses so often come in pairs, but that is more of a dispatcher problem then a driver one when South St. stops are so close to the start of the line.


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I've been out of town for TWO MONTHS. I thought for sure they'd have finished by now.

Dont worry

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It will be ready for next winter, and the roads by 2020!

Thanks JP cyclists, looking at you Ferris Wheels. You %#&^$ *^@#*#!


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Ferris led the opposition to the current plan - he wanted the old overpass rebuilt, so I'm not sure why you're pissed at him.

how much longer?

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no canopy is bad but how about the extra long walk around while they pave. Nice uneven surface which is real dangerous for those with mobility impairments. Been like this since June.
and once maybe the T personal could come out of their cushy enclosure and help with traffic or questions. The whole project stinks