New Dunkin' looks like artisanal tap room, features nitro coffee, still has donuts

Duke Bennett visits the new Dunkin' (yes, just Dunkin') at 588 Washington St. in Quincy (where Wild Willy's Hamburgers used to be).



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YES! its a chain wide thing now.. I went into my local dunks and no more Onion bagels. Booooooo My friday is not complete without my dunks coffee and a bagel.

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Where's the real news Gaffin?

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Just kidding.

But I heard this thing was going to be optimized for drive-thru with multiple windows. Anyone have any info on that?

The one in Weymouth before the bridge is tough in the AM.

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Glad to get a look at it, but the portrait-mode video

with copious shaky-cam is amateurish and annoying.

I don't care for Dunks coffee, but I'd try that nitro version.

Plenty of good reasons to experiment with new store formats and even a big rebranding. Name-shortening doesn't bother me: the donuts have been unspeakable for years. Don't get me started on the "bagels".

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I was pretty cynical about

I was pretty cynical about the Dunkin'. I thought it was just dropping the name with a few aesthetic upgrades. I even have a thought their long term game is to get rid of donuts to focus on their much higher margin coffee but they want to get rid of the name first.

I still don't see the point of the name change, but I am impressed from watching his review. The nitro coffee looks good. The donuts looks good too (but it is just presentation, but I hope they are bringing back their older ways). I hope it get push to the other stores.

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