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New Hampshire man charged with June murder in East Boston


Boston Police report the arrest of Jeremy Menendez, 29, of Nashua, NH, for the June 1 murder of Taquise Johnson on Border Street in East Boston.

Johnson was found with multiple gunshot wounds.

Menendez was arrested in Nashua today by BPD fugitive-unit officers with the assistance of US marshals and Nashua Police.

Menendez, shown here in a 2016 booking photo, was well known to Nashua Police, who arrested him in 2015 on a riot charge related to a melee that left one man shot and again in 2016 on three counts related to the sale of marijuana, all as his second such offenses.

In 2009, then listed as a Lynn resident, Menendez pleaded guilty to reckless conduct and was sentenced to a year in jail for accidentally shooting his girlfriend in Nashua, costing her part of a finger.

Innocent, etc.

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Worth highlighting is the intro blurb in the 2015 report, that his arrest was part of a gang sweep in Nashua:

From May 31, 2015 to June 1, 2015 the Nashua Police Department, with the assistance of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Safe Streets Gang Task Force, arrested 13 individuals on felony level warrants. These arrests were the result of a month long investigation into a shooting incident that occurred in April 2015.

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