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Newbury Street marijuana dispensary acquired by national concern before it even opens

The Boston Guardian reports that Compassionate Organics, which hopes to open a dispensary at 331 Newbury St. early next year, has been acquired by Green Thumb Industries, a Chicago-based cannabis packaged goods company.

The dispensary won local approval by the Boston zoning board last year.




That dude in the Guardian/Facebook link is clearly WASTED

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Newbury Street commercial vacancies are rising!!
Fewer people are shopping on Newbury Street, parking is plentiful.
A marijuana dispensary won’t last long on Newbury Street .

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I think it is a perfect place for it.

"It doesn't belong near residential areas...and...what about the children?"

Wait a minute..I thought marijuana was a harmless magical wonder weed...

Oh I get it....you just don't want it near YOUR residential area or near YOUR children...

You voted for it so guess what, it's here.

Deal with it.

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2 years since we voted for this and you still cannot buy any weed.

Is Mass the most democratic state in the country? or the least?

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its insane. And Vegas just opened the worlds largest dispensary this week, with pot lounges coming soon.

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Cashed in without even having to see the public.

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