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Newbury Street pho place shut for lack of hot water

UPDATE: The restaurant got the hot water back on and a health inspector gave it permission to reopen.

A Boston health inspector yesterday ordered Beantown Pho and Grill, 272 Newbury St., closed until it gets a plumber in to restore its hot water.

Without hot water, workers cannot adequately wash their hands - or cooking and eating utensils

The inspector also found the restaurant was storing uncooked food above "ready to eat" food in a refrigerator, which is also a potential reason to order a shutdown, but noted the restaurant promptly fixed that problem.

The restaurant can re-open once it can prove it is providing water of at least 110 degrees.


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The tourists must love going there because it has the name "Beantown" in its name. How painfully humiliating.

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they pho-got to call the plumber.

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