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Night of mayhem in Revere

WBZ reports one man was shot and another stabbed on Pleasant Street in Revere around 2 a.m. WHDH reports that about an hour earlier, a driver managed to go airborne before crashing into a house on North Shore Road and careening into three cars, one of which then burst into flames.



Is the city of sin!

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Hector Emilio Hernandez, 24, was charged with attempted murder and unlawful possession of a firearm, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office. Both the shooting and the stabbing victim (stabbed repeatedly) remain in serious condition in Boston hospitals.

The relationship between the parties involved remains under investigation, as do the circumstances surrounding the violent encounter.

Anyone with info can contact Revere Police detectives at 781-286-8340 or State Police detectives at 617-727-8817.

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Brian Stewart, the owner of the condo that was damaged, said it is the third time something like this has happened despite added precautions.

“We have had one here, one on the corner and we actually had a car flip onto the stairs,” Stewart said. “It’s quite a dangerous intersection.”

Jesus Christ do Boston area drivers suck. Stop speeding into people and homes. Is that too much to ask?

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A night of mayhem in Revere sounds like a typical night in Dorchester.

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Certain close-in cities have worse crime issues than neighborhoods of Boston?

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