Now this really calls for headlines: Delays on three of four subway lines

Around 6:45, Michael noticed signal problems were causing delays on the Red, Orange and Blue lines.

Just need the Green to go out for the Full Baker


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Something's really screwed up on the MBTA!! The T is getting worse, not better.

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Rhyming lines with lines?

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Must be late in the year and all the good rhymes were taken.

How about:

Keolis won't pay any fines, but delays on three lines


If a crowded train you see, the lines with delays number three

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Ah yes

Make way for the Fail Trolleys!

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Delayed train excuse

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Delayed train excuse generator

if (leaves.areFalling()) {
return "slippery tracks";
} else if (temperature >= 85 || temperature <= 32 || weather.isRaining() || weather.isSnowing()) {
return "disabled train";
} else if (drunkPerson.hasVomited()) {
return "medical emergency";
} else {
if (flipCoin().equals(HEADS) {
return "switch problems";
} else {
return "signaling issue";

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Charlie on the MTA? Never!

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Yet Baker has promised another round of fare hikes (after huge fare hikes a few years ago) while the gas tax has only been raised 3 cents in over 20 years, and 93 and 95 are still toll free (in MA, 95 is tolled in NH and ME). But he's such an incopetent manager he told the legislature his team couldn't handle more money for the T from them. His plan to fix the T seems to make it so unaffordable and terrible fewer and fewer people will use it, since one of its biggest problems is it is not able to handle the current capacity without expansion.

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