NWS: Travel will be very difficult to impossible

Possible blizzard conditions
Red alert!

Yes, today would be when you need to go out and Buy All the Things, because you're not going to get much of a chance after midnight, and not just because most stores are closed then anyway. Yes, it's Red Alert for the third time in two weeks.

Old Man Winter is getting ready to smack us with another roundhouse blow, as the gathering storm begins to barrel up the East Coast, aided, of course, by Mother Nature's fury. Trees will crash to the ground, power will go out and your back and arms will plead for mercy as you shovel more of the white stuff.

Records could be set as local TV stations see how many reporters and weather people they can cram onto a single screen

The sole consolation is that this time, at least, the worst of the storm isn't lining up with astronomically high tides, so we shouldn't see the sort of flooding we saw in the earlier storms this year.



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Dear March

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You are not February 2015. Stop acting like you are!

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We've had a fair amount of

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We've had a fair amount of melt after each snow this year. While the storms themselves are bad, the accumulation hasn't been - which was what made February SO very bad, in part.

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Hey Snowmageddon

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Meet Blowmageddon and Flowmageddon

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You have to go to Uxbridge.

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so sick of the media hype and

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so sick of the media hype and people complaining. It's winter!!! some bitch and her husband in Newton (of course ) in Star Market were in a tizzy because at 6:30 tonight there were about 3 half gallons of milk left. I wish I had gone earlier but had to work and as I said "excuse me" and reached for a milk, while they were deciding which milk to buy; she actually pushed me out of the way. Did I mention that her and her stupid husband were standing in front of the whole case and people were trying to get their stuff? If you want to see more assholes in one place than you've ever seen before, come to Newton and go to any grocery store and you will see more assholes in one place than you will ever see again in your life. And yes, I'm sure that people in Newton don't have enough food in their pantries. They might all starve. I need to move out of this fucking city. More entitlement per square inch than anywhere.

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