Oh, bless their hearts: Braintree PD seeks owner of some lost property





Wait. Was the bar-coded

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Wait. Was the bar-coded label that says "DESTROY" affixed by the Police Department or was this stuff stolen from a pot shop which affixed such label who designated it as trash because the stuff was stale and no longer sellable according to the industry standards? Hmmmmm. This may throw another wrench into the legislation.

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obligatory comment

A citizen turned in 10 bags of weed to the Braintree PD. These 8 bags were logged into custody and the 5 bags were locked into the secure evidence room. If anyone wishes to claim these 2 bags of weed, please come to the PD.

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If only the politicians in MA took the people's vote seriously and worked a little bit harder to roll out legalization sometime before 2+ years after the vote, while stacking the Cannabis commission with less people against legalization, we wouldn't still have bags with pounds of weed showing up all over the city.

Not only that, but the city and state would be collecting large amounts of revenue from taxes.

But alas, our dear politicians decided to fill the commission with people who voted against the measure in the first place, and now we get more feet dragging, excuses, etc.

Nevada rolled their program out in 6 months. Not saying it's perfect or that MA could not have taken a bit longer, but basically 2 years or more until a single shop opens is embarrassing. Couple that with the fact that our pick and choose your dispensary locations by city will seriously limit customer accessibility, and the sky-high taxes and extremely low supply will keep prices too high to compete with the black market.

Hoffman voted against Question 4, according to Treasury officials. Flanagan also voted against the ballot question.

MA democrats were certainly happy to pile on Trump (with good reason) for appointing heads of departments who either knew nothing about the department, or were actively fighting it. This is basically the same thing, and I hope voters remember who appointed these people.


And for Deborah Goldberg especially:

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That's the reason for my vote

Although I am anti-prohibition, I voted against the ballot initiative. Some people read it as, "shall we legalize weed?" I read it as, "Shall we create an unelected bureaucracy with the power to tax weed sales and do what it pleases with the tax revenues?"

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good point

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Let's not forget the ballot measure only called for 3 board members, but then MA politicians, seeing another opportunity to appoint a friend to a high-salary position, upped it to 5 board members.

Salaries I could find:
Hoffman - $160,000/yr (this is more than Gov. Baker) why??
Flanagan - $120,000/yr
Shawn Collins - $150,000/yr (appointed by Goldberg, and her former aide) not even on the actual commission

In other news, DeLeo and Rosenburg received fundraising from the alcohol industry, and a month after further delaying the rollout of the industry, decided they should all get irreversible raises introduced through an opaque "emergency" bill. Hurray for one-party rule!


Praying DeLeo gets his one day and ends up like the last 3 speakers in MA.

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This NEVER happens to ME! I hate these news stories. Does anyone ever find these bags and NOT turn them in? Thats a feel-good story I WOULD like to read.

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I made the drop.

Call me later.

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Love the hashtag

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Love the hashtag - a Super Troopers reference.

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super troopers

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i'm not one to give kudos to cops, but A+ work on the super troopers reference in their tweet.

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+1 for the hashtag

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Littering and...

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