The old town was buzzing this morning

Helicopter above 1 Beacon St.

CarCarll captured the helicopter lowering a new HVAC unit onto 1 Beacon St. this morning, in an operation that went long enough to make people ask/kvetch why they couldn't do it on a weekday instead of Sunday morning.

A closer view:



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I am sure there is a reason

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I am sure there is a reason that makes fiscal and operational sense, why must everything be second guessed ? Maybe some people have too much time on their hands.


My guess

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is that fewer people are around so it's less disruptive to cordon off the staging area and the streets around the building.

Also weather. Helicopters in close proximity to tall buildings and low visibilty/high winds are not a good combination.


It isn't just the helicopters

It is the need to truck in and stage the things that are being lifted to the roof tops.

I was talking to the guy in my work building and he said that they closed several streets when they put in the new ventilation/ac units using this same method.

It would be much tricker to do this when all the workers are around - they have to seal the building off, too! Nobody comes in or out.

Safer, cheaper

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1. Safer: Fewer people in and around buildings (fewer vehicles too)
2. Cheaper: Lower insurance because of #1

Oh let’s all pray for the

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Oh let’s all pray for the unfortunate millionaires who’s Sunday tea parties were disturbed by a helicopter

It ain't rocket science.

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Why did they do this on a Sunday morning when less people are around and in the way??? Why indeed.

Sunday noise ordinances are a good thing

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I realize this work needed to be done on a Sunday but these ordinances and rules are a good thing in general.

It's many people's only day of rest and relaxation.

My building prohibits noisy construction within units on Sundays. My upstairs neighbor was having work done in her bathroom today and it was incredibly annoying. That's my quiet time.

She's a great neighbor and it may have been an emergency so I rolled with it but it definitely made me appreciate my usual weekend quietude even more.


It's many people's only day of rest and relaxation.

I'm not buying it. It's a 7-day-a-week society. If you want to be able to go shopping and even buy booze on a Sunday, you also have to put up with a little noise.


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Someone gave them approval to do it. If you don't like it, find out who was that arbiter (likely the City, FAA probably involved as well) and bark up that tree.