One convicted, two acquitted for murder of Charlestown teen in 2014

A Suffolk Superior Court jury today convicted Julio Baez, 26, of Charlestown, of first-degree murder for the shooting death of Ryan Morrissey outside a Main Street convenience store on Nov. 5, 2014, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office.

The jury acquitted Alexander Soto, 20, and Danilo Soto, 24, both of Dorchester, but not related, of murder charges in the case, the DA's office reports. The three had also been charged with the non-fatal shooting of a man standing with Morrissey, 17.

Baez's verdict means an automatic sentence of life without possibility of parole - as well as an automatic review by the Supreme Judicial Court.



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justice for the family and for the community. I didn't know Ryan, but I am friends with people in Charlestown who knew him - that kid was beloved by so many people.

I hope that his family and friends and the community get some comfort.

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Not much justice

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the two men accused of actually shooting and taking Ryan Morrissey's life were aquitted. Not sure that's providing much comfort to the family.

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There’s NO comfort in knowing

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There’s NO comfort in knowing the two men who shot and killed Ryan are out enjoying life with their family and friends, knowing they killed our Ryan, without an ounce of remorse. There will never be anything that will make us have anything close to comfort. If you knew the case like we do, the REAL details that weren’t allowed to be released or told to the jury, you’d know that I these two men are 100% the ones who killed him & they just got free pass to go back to selling/getting arrested for drugs, catching a few more gun charges, most likely hurting someone else’s family and as always get out on bail because our justice system constantly fails us. Not to mention, after court, not only did they release the two killers right in front of us and had us stand their next to him while we al waited for the elevators, they had the nerve to be completely ignorant, saying awful things to the family, and tried make US (most importantly the victims own parents) feel as though WE did something to THEM. But of course none of the news sources will let the public know any of that information, right? And this rant wasn’t towards you(the person who’s post I am responding to) at all, didn’t mean to come off that way. If either Danilo (“Nino”) or Alexander(“Bebo”) or their family members, only the ones who chose to be ignorant to Ryan and Jamie’s friends & family - I hope you know you guys with get the punishments you deserve (that’s not a threat) I’m sure God has something lined up already. You don’t look like big tough gangsters for shooting two innocent kids, you look like morons for not even getting your “intended targets”. I’m sure within a few days you will both be back to being some dudes drug runner, thinking you look like gangster when in reality you’re both losers who were raised like trash. And to their families (only to the ones who chose to act like completely ignorant trash) HOW DARE YOU think you have any right to treat the victims family (Ryans family. The family of the child YOUR kids killed, Jamie, and Jamie’s family) like we did ANYTHING wrong. Let’s remembed, WE did not arrest your kids. WE did not investigate the murder of Ryan and attempted murder of Jamie. WE did not get up on that stand and testify. WE walked into that court room with dignity and grace while some of you chose to treat us like WE took YOUR families lives. Danilo and Alexander took Ryan’s life and scarred Jamie for the rest of his life. Ryan was a genuinely great kid actually doing something with his life and Jamie is an amazing person who has morals and works his butt off to have a good life and do the right thing day after day meanwhile these three men who are known drug dealers (have been arrested NUMEROUS times) who have ALSO all been arrested for possession of a gun on multiple occasions as well but of course the news won’t give the public that information. They weren’t even allowed to bring it up in court to the jury. These losers won’t change & it’s only a matter of time till they catch a new charge.

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I'm so sorry - I had no idea.

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I'm so sorry - I had no idea. It sounds truly awful; I can't imagine.

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