One Dorchester shooting victim was city-council candidate long active in anti-violence work


WBZ reports that one of the three men shot last night on Draper Street was Domingos DaRosa of Hyde Park, a landscaper who ran for an at-large city council seat in 2017, in part based on his two decades of work with the Boston Centers for Youth and Families and the Bengals Pop Warner League.

WBZ report that DaRosa, shot in the leg, rushed one of the other victims - his brother - to the hospital, and that he has no idea why somebody would shoot him.

In 2017, DaRosa came in sixth in the race for one of four open at-large seats on the City Council, with 11,600 votes. It was his first race for elected office.





Hope all are ok

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Attended a debate and was very impressed with him. Seemed like a super nice guy who geuinely cared.

Get well soon Domingos!

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A good man...

And one whose shooting should garner a little more attention to what's going on in these neighborhoods where the residents aren't obsessing about bike lanes and developers.


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A man who speaks his mind

One of my pleasures from last year was getting to meet, listen to and become friends with Domingos. I just saw him a couple weeks ago after the Pride parade when I was driving our float back to Dorchester. He pulled up next to me and we caught up for a bit.

Domingos speaks from the heart, he knows the problems of having to clean parks of needles before the kids he coaches plays football, and of other real problems in the City. Get him one on one sometime on his real thoughts of our elected officials and the media. I think we need more people with his experience and background in government.

I've reached out to him directly. I wish the best for his family and neighborhood and hope the perpetrators are caught. Gun violence hurts us all.

Suerte :)

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Is this the woman who started

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Is this the woman who started a hate campaign against Plimouth Plantation?

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Thanks Pat!

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Thanks Pat!

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He then promptly blamed it on

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He then promptly blamed it on the BPD, who always race to the scene of gunfire.

Oh and they also disarmed and arrested someone with LASER SIGHTS on their illegal firearm last night. But unrelated I suppose.

But yeah, it’s all the cops fault. That’s all he ever spewed.

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Is there an update on the investigation, suspect(s) or the identity of the 3rd victim? I haven't seen any new information as of yet.

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